Lydia Artymiw has emerged as one of the most compelling and individual pianists of her generation. For over thirty years, she has consistently earned rave reviews, firmly establishing herself as a unique artistic personality with rare communicative gifts. Critics have praised her artistry and highly original interpretations, her warmth, intelligence, poetic gifts, thoughtfulness, versatility, and most of all, her distinctive and beautiful sound. Artymiw has excelled in all aspects of her career: as soloist with orchestra, in solo recitals, and in extensive chamber music collaborations with some of the most acclaimed musicians of our time. Her recordings have also received critical acclaim, earning Gramophone’s “Best of the Year” and Ovation’s “Recording of Distinction” awards.

Lydia Artymiw is a compelling musical personality with the unusual ability to reach out and touch her listeners. She has a beautiful touch, a creative imagination, and a feeling for her instrument’s possibilities of color and texture far in advance of that cultivated by most of the young virtuosos we hear.
—New York Times
Artymiw is important because she combines so many diverse qualities in such easily managed proportions. She is authoritative in many styles; she wields power and delicacy with equal ease; she is securely equipped with technique; she feels deeply and knows how to communicate her feelings. She stirred her audience repeatedly.
—Los Angeles Times