January 2 & 3

Minneapolis, MN

two master classes for Schmitts Music in Edina & Roseville

January 14

Phoenix, AZ

Kerr Center at Arizona State University; trio concert with Toby Appel and Yehuda Hanani. Turina “Circulo”; Schumann d minor Trio; Arensky d minor

January 16

Calgary, Canada

University of Calgary—trio concert

January 17

University of Calgary

master class

January 27

St. Paul, MN: SPCO Centre

Mozart “Kegelstatt” Trio with Tim Paradise and Sabina Thatcher

January 28

Menomenie, WI

Mozart “Kegelstatt” Trio

January 29

St. Paul, MN: SPCO Centre

“Kegelstatt” Trio

February 5

St. Paul, MN: Hamline University

“Kegelstatt” Trio

February 9

St. Paul, MN: SPCO Centre

Musical U Series—“Kegelstatt” Trio

February 19

Minneapolis, MN: Ted Mann Concert Hall

duo recital with Michelle Makarski Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky

February 24

New York, NY: Miller Theater at Columbia University

“Bach in Context” Series” with Michelle Makarski

March 5-12

Tucson Festival

March 5

Shostakovich Viola Sonata with Paul Coletti

March 8

Bernstein Trio with Lynn Chang & Peter Rejto; Brahms c minor Piano Quartet with Benny Kim, Paul Coletti, & Bion Tsang

March 9

Children’s concert: Bernstein and Brahms

March 10

Taneyev Piano Quintet with Tokyo Quartet

March 11

Beethoven “Scottish” Songs with Meredith Hall, Benny Kim, Peter Rejto

March 12

Chausson “Chanson Perpetuelle” with Meredith Hall, Martin Beaver, Benny Kim, Gina Warnick, and Peter Rejto

April 2

San Jose, CA

duo recital with Arnold Steinhardt. Beethoven Op. 30 #1; Janacek; Grieg c minor Sonata

April 22

Great Barrington, MA

Close Encounters Series: Schubert B Flat and Dvorak “Dumky” trio with Catherine Cho and Yehuda Hanani

May 4-7

South Bend, IND

judge Fischoff Competition

June 4

Banff, Canada

solo recital at Rolston Hall (Debussy and Schumann)

June 4-12

Banff, Canada

first jury judge for Esther Honens International Piano Competition

June 28 through July 6

European tour with Kim Kashkashian

June 28

West Cork, Ireland

Bantry Festival: Shostakovich Viola Sonata

June 29

Bantry Festival: Hindemeth Sonata Op. 11 #4

June 30

Mozart “Kegelstatt” Trio with Jorg Widmann

July 2

Ludwigsburg, Germany

recital program: Schumann Fantasy Pieces, Hindemeth Op. 11 #4; Shostakovich Sonata; Brahms Op. 120 #2

July 4

Parnu, Estonia

same program

July 6

Zurich, Switzerland

same program

August 20

Alexandria, MN

Festival of the Lakes. Dvorak Quintet and Schumann F Major Trio

Aug. 27

Falls Village, CT

Music Mountain Festival: trio concert with Arnold Steinhardt and Jules Eskin. Turina “Circulo”; Beethoven E flat Major Trio, Op. 70 #2; Schumann F Major Trio

September 25

Grand Junction, CO

Master Class at Mesa College

September 26

Grand Junction, CO

Beethoven 1st Piano Concerto with Grand Junction Symphony, Kirk Gustafson, conductor

September 28

Boulder, CO

Master class at University of Colorado

October 19, 20, 21

Minneapolis, MN

Orchestra Hall, Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vanska. Mendelssohn Concerto for Piano and Violin with Stephanie Arado

November 1 through November 6

European tour with Kim Kashkashian

Nov. 2

Vevey, Switzerland: Brahms E Flat, Kurtag, Shostakovich

Nov. 4

Badenweiler, Germany same program

Nov. 6

Cagliari, Sardinia: Teatro Lirico: Schumann Fantasy Pieces, Brahms, Shostakovich

Nov. 12

Boston, MA

Gardner Museum: program with Kim: Brahms E Flat, Kurtag, Shostakovich

November 27

Northfield, MN: St. Olaf College

two Faure piano quartets with the Rosalyra Quartet

December 3

Minneapolis, MN: Ted Mann Concert Hall

two Faure piano quartets with the Rosalyra Quartet

December 10-11

St. Paul. MN: St. Paul Centre

record two Faure piano quartets for Artegra


January 7

Scottsdale, AZ: Scottsdale Performing Arts Center Series

Shostakovich Piano Quintet with the Guarneri Quartet

January 28

Philadelphia, PA

Master Class at the Settlement School of Music

January 30

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society series at the Phila. Convention Center: trio program with Ida Levin and Marcy Rosen: Mozart B Flat and Schumann d minor Trios and world premiere of Robert Capanna’s Magic Numbers Two for solo piano

March 20

St. Paul, MN

Music in the Park Series with Jorja Fleezanis, Thomas Turner, and Anthony Ross: Debussy and Schumann April 8: St. Paul, MN: St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Ensemble Series at the SPCO Centre: world premiere of Russell Platt’s Autumn Sonata for Violin and Piano with Leslie Shank and Shostakovich Piano Quintet

April 10

St. Paul, MN: Sundin Concert Hall at Hamline University

SPCO series (same Program as April 8)

May 21

Lacey, WA

St. Martin’s Abbey Concert Series: solo recital (Beethoven, Zaimont, Capanna, and Schumann)

May 27

Hampden-Sydney, VA

Hampden-Sydney Music Festival: Zaimont “Jupiter’s Moons” for solo piano

May 28

Hampden-Sydney, VA

Dohnanyi C Minor Piano Quintet with the Borromeo Quartet

June 10

Easton, MD

Eastern Shore Chamber Festival: Mozart, Schumann, and Brahms With Todd Phillips, Catherine Cho, Maria Lambros, Marcy Rosen, and J. Lawrie Bloom

June 11

Queenstown, MD

Eastern Shore Festival: Capanna, Schubert, and Dohnanyi

July 16

Hunter, NY

Grazhda Concert Series: solo recital (Beethoven, Lysenko, Nyzhankivsky, Barvinsky, Zaimont, and Schumann)

July 17

Hurley, NY

Maverick Music Festival with the Miami Quartet (Shulman and Dohnanyi)

July 27

Seattle, WA

Seattle Chamber Music festival: Dohnanyi Violin Sonata with Tasmin Little

July 29

Seattle, WA

Seattle Chamber Music festival: Schumann Piano Quintet

Aug. 20

Alexandria, MN

Festival of the Lakes: Beethoven Op. 16 and Shostakovich Piano Quintets

September 16

Minneapolis, MN: Ted Mann Concert Hall

special Steinway concert Honoring the University of MN as an all Steinway school. Ravel with Wonny Song, solo Chopin, and Smetana Rondo

September 30

Philadelphia, PA: Greene Street Friends School

benefit solo recital for GSFS (Beethoven, Zaimont, Debussy, Schumann)

October 15

St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud Chamber Society series: Franck Piano Quintet With the Miami Quartet

October 16

St. Paul, MN

Music in the Park Series: Franck with the Miami Quartet

October 21

Bowdoin, ME

Bowdoin College Concert Series: duo recital with Michelle Makarski, violin: Bach, Stravinsky, Mozart


January 25

Minneapolis, MN

SPCO Ensemble Series at the Jeune Lune Theatre: Mozart F Major Violin Sonata and St.-Saens Septet

February 1

St. Paul, MN

SPCO Ensemble Series (same program as 1/25)

March 1

Arkadelphia, AR

solo recital at Henderson State University. Beethoven, Zaimont, Debussy, Schumann.

March 2


Master Class at Henderson State University

April 4

La Crosse, WI

duo recital with Jorja Fleezanis, violinist: sonatas by Beethoven, Debussy, and Brahms

April 7

Minneapolis, MN

Ted Mann Concert Hall: duo recital with Jorja Fleezanis

April 17

Great Barrington, MA

Close Encounters with Music series: trio program with Toby Appel, violinist and Yehuda Hanani, cellist (Schumann, Turina, Arensky)

June 4

Northfield, MN

Bridge Festival: Faure C Minor Piano Quartet

June 9 & 11

Minneapolis, MN

Ted Mann Concert Hall: Viola Congress. Appearances with Roberto Diaz, Donald McInnes, and a full recital with Paul Coletti

June 14

St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Public Radio: tape St. Paul Sunday program with Paul Coletti

July 11

Woodstock, NY

Maverick Music Festival. Dohnanyi C Minor Quintet with the Miami Quartet

July 25 - August 8

South Hadley, MA

Musicorda Festival—chamber music performances and coachings (2 concerts)

August 22

Annandale on Hudson, NY

Bard Music Festival: Shostakovich Viola Sonata with Kim Kashkashian

October 2 & 3

Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra with William Jones: Mozart K. 467 Piano Concerto

October 15

Saratoga Springs, NY

Master Class at Skidmore

October 16

Saratoga Springs, NY

solo recital at Skidmore College (Beethoven, Debussy, Zaimont, Schumann)

October 30 & November 2

Waukesha, WI

Waukesha Symphony Orchestra with Alexander Platt, Mozart K. 467 Piano Concerto

November 14

Stillwater, MN

with Rosalyra Quartet; Mozart g minor and Brahms A major Piano Quartets

November 15

Minneapolis, MN

Ted Mann Concert Hall with Rosalyra Quartet (same program as Nov. 14)

December 10

Northfield, MN

St. Olaf College with Rosalyra Quartet (same program as Nov. 14 & 15)

December 17-18

St. Paul, MN

Hamline University, Sundin Concert Hall: record Brahms A Major Piano Quartet with Rosalyra Quartet for Artegra