Student Testimonials

“No words will ever suffice to convey my sincere gratitude to my dear Professor Lydia Artymiw for inspiring me to achieve excellence in every aspect of my life. She is my teacher, mentor, and musical parent, all at the same time. Her high expectations of me, coupled with unconditional care and unwavering devotion, will be among the greatest gifts anyone could ever give me. Lydia has surpassed all of the expectations I could ever ask for in a teacher by unfailingly keeping my best interests at heart.”

“What can one say about a person who continues to change the course of one’s life constantly through the power of their teaching? It is no longer possible for me to conceptualize how my life would have been without the influence of Lydia Artymiw’s teaching, guidance, and friendship, for she has led me to undefinable new paths of artistic joy, exploration, and fulfillment. No words could possibly express the admiration, respect, and gratitude I have for Lydia. I am deeply honored that I have had the privilege of Lydia’s mentoring over the past several years, and as her student, I count myself among the most fortunate of musicians.”

“Every aspect of Lydia Artymiw’s sensational musicianship, astounding pianism, and great character translate into educational gains for me as her student. Artymiw’s understanding and embodiment of music are so comprehensive that her demonstrations and explanations unfailingly penetrate to the core of the music. Her musical ear is of unparalleled quality. She has had a profound impact on every aspect of my playing. Her artistry, patience, warmth, intelligence, and insight are equally important to list. She is the extraordinary teacher that she is precisely because she possesses such a unique array of attributes that combine to make her an excellent professor and a special human being.”

“My primary reason for coming to the U of M was to study with Lydia Artymiw. I had worked with Lydia in the past and found her inspiring, both as a performer and teacher. But I did not really know the extent of Lydia’s special qualities until this year. Lydia’s devotion to her students is exceptional. Never have I known any teacher (including those at the Curtis Institute) who has given so generously of her time, energy, care, and concern as does Lydia. She gave me as many lessons as I needed, often playing concerto accompaniments with me in order to help me prepare for both competitions and performances. In this semester, I had thirty hours of lessons with her, and I couldn’t have been any happier. Lydia has enriched both my life and my playing — she’s special in every way. She has been an exceptional role model. She is one of those rare world-class performers who devote as much attention to her students as to her concerts, and I strongly hope the University does everything it can to keep her in Minnesota.”

“Lydia Artymiw is truly an exceptional teacher and advisor. She is devoted to each student, giving each one of us all of the time and attention we require. She is also very sensitive and aware of our strengths and weaknesses. She assigns repertoire and molds her instruction according to our different characters. While she is very patient as a professor, she pushes us to achieve higher levels of musical artistry. I sincerely hope the University of Minnesota recognizes the professional achievements and top-notch artistry of this wonderful and accomplished musician. She has performed with world-class musicians and that kind of experience she brings to her teaching is priceless. We can’t help but be inspired by her passion and integrity to music. We as students are extremely grateful for her generosity and willingness to perform in our recitals. In all my years studying at the Curtis Institute, Glenn Gould Professional School of Music in Toronto, and Montreal University, no professor ever even considered performing with their students. This semester, I was fortunate enough to have performed with Lydia in a two piano recital, and it proved to be such a valuable and inspiring experience. It will be a memory that I will always cherish.”

“This is the end of my second year and my piano playing has improved so much under Lydia’s tutelage. Not only has she aided tremendously in “sharpening” my technique, she has instilled great confidence into my playing. Lydia is the one I credit most for my artistic and professional growth during my stay in Minnesota. She nurtured my musical instincts to such an extent that it is like night and day if I compare how I used to play before and how I play now. As an advisor, she always devotes a huge deal of attention and time to each of her students. I performed with the St. Paul Civic Orchestra this semester, and she was so generous with her time and advice and gave me all the support I required for a successful concert. It is also a great course of pride to study under a professor who is so visible in the cultural life of North America. She leads such a busy professional life, and that kind of top-notch experience is passed on to her students. I’ve known a lot of piano professors in my life, and I’ve played for many world-renowned pianists, but no one even comes close to the quality and devotion of Lydia’s teaching. She is beyond comparison.”

“Lydia Artymiw is an exceptional teacher. She is the complete embodiment of the word “mentor.” She instills in her students sound knowledge, musical integrity and confidence in their own strengths. She knows exactly what each student needs and therefore tailors the lesson accordingly. This is my third year in the doctoral program and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that coming to the University of Minnesota to study with her was the best thing I have done for my playing. Our concerts are practically guaranteed to go smoothly and be successful because of her meticulous advice and sheer generosity. She is the only one on the faculty that I know who brings constant national and international publicity to our University and for that, she is to be commended greatly. Her impact on me as both a musician and a person will be felt for my entire life. A true gem.”

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to study with Professor Artymiw. Words do not seem adequate enough to express the impact she has had on my development both as a musician and a person. Her intense passion for music has been a continuous source of inspiration. Her keen perception and insight, combined with her dedication and devotion to her students has resulted in a completely staggering progress within her entire studio. She has in many ways redefined the meaning of the word “mentor.” It is an understatement to say that Professor Artymiw goes above and beyond the requirements of her job. She continues to be a rare jewel for which the University of Minnesota has much to be proud of and grateful for — I certainly am.”

“Words cannot begin to describe how much I have learned from Lydia Artymiw. She gives everything: her energy, her passion, her care. Lessons with her leave not only a profound influence on my music, but also on my life. Her extensive musical/performance experience lends to very clear and insightful instruction. Her dedication to music and to me is extraordinary. I thought that coming to the University of Minnesota would be ideal. Thanks to Lydia, it’s better than I ever imagined.”

“Professor Artymiw is a fantastic pianist/artist/teacher/person. As much as I have learned from her in my lessons (a lot), I have also learned so much from her brilliant performances. She really practices what she preaches re. artistry, preparation, and integrity. I am always amazed at the beauty of her playing in my lessons (even when she does not know the works!). She has incredible instincts, a very perceptive mind, (and incredible fingers too). I also appreciate her constant support during rough times. Lessons are always made up (and then some!). I look forward to our continued friendship in the future.”

“After only one semester of study with Lydia Artymiw, I can hear an amazing level of progress in my technique, playing, and performance. For the first time in my life, I can perform with confidence! Another admirable quality of Professor Artymiw is that she makes every effort to make up missed lessons due to her extensive performance schedule.”

“Lydia is, without a doubt, the most outstanding professor I have known at the University of Minnesota. She has tremendous knowledge and experience, and my studies with her have been precious. She also possesses compassion for her students and for their success beyond measure. I can’t think of a better experience, musically and personally, than studying with her.”

“Lydia is a wonderful musician and teacher. She has such enthusiasm and warmth in both her playing and her teaching. How I think about music now is drastically different from when I first came to study with Lydia. My sound and technique have improved, my color “palette” has become richer and more varied, my overall musical awareness heightened — both as a soloist and chamber musician. Lydia Artymiw will continue to serve as my model, both as an artist and a teacher.”

“Ms. Artymiw exudes extraordinary musicality and sensitivity — I come away from my lessons, studio classes, and her performances learning so much. Her amazing technique and broad knowledge of the repertoire allow her to personally demonstrate and illustrate her ideas, and her musical creativity and sensitivity make everything she plays sound like the only possible interpretation imaginable. I hope to someday approach her strength, charisma, and genuine artistry.”

“Lydia Artymiw is an exceptional teacher and musician. She is an extraordinary asset for this school. I have received so much individual attention, which has truly nurtured my musical development. In a world with so much uncertainty for the future of the arts, I hold Lydia Artymiw personally responsible for inspiring me to continue on my path as a professional pianist!”

“Professor Artymiw continues to provide extremely insightful criticism and creative suggestions in helping me develop tone color, musical characterization, and artistry. I could not have received better instruction at any other institution, under any other teacher.”

“I never fail to be astounded throughout the course of my studies with Lydia Artymiw. Her knowledge, perception, and feeling for music are amazing. I feel perpetually inspired and in awe of her; at the same time, she is always encouraging and promotes artistic individuality. I am so fortunate to be able to study with her.”

“Professor Artymiw is a tremendous musician. She has inspired me to work very hard, and her dedication to the highest artistic standards has altered my playing dramatically. Both in lessons and her own performances, Professor Artymiw shows that a true musician must love the music and feel deeply what is being communicated. She is the most caring teacher I have ever encountered. She, amidst a very busy career, gives additional lessons, coachings, and virtually does whatever it takes to help her students become successful. I am honored to be a part of her studio.”

“Since December 2001, Lydia has been a singular influence and guide in my musical development. Without her as a catalyst for inspiration and hard work, I certainly would not have attained my present level of performance. She continually and successfully helps me achieve a higher level of playing (thus instilling within me the ability to never cease learning more). Lydia cares for her students deeply, making up lessons when her busy concert schedule conflicts with one. Her actions ratify her convictions. Lydia greatly assisted me in properly preparing for both the 2006 WAMSO Young Artist Competition and the 2006 Elinor Bell Fellowship Competition, helping me garner first prizes in both competitions. Preparation included intensive lessons (many additional hours included), personal encouragement, and rehearsing and performing the Rachmaninoff First Piano Concerto with me in the WAMSO Competition (Lydia was performing out of state and flew back to Minneapolis just to play with me in the finals at Orchestra Hall). Lydia has always been there for me, and she has also helped one of her prime students, Wonny Song, in innumerable ways and will continue to do so. Lydia continually demonstrates exemplary dedication to her students as both a mentor and a teacher. I have never had a teacher like Lydia and will probably never have a better teacher than Lydia! She has given me the tools and guidance to fulfill my dreams. Lydia will stay close to my heart all my life, and I am forever indebted to her for everything that she has done for me.”

“Lydia Artymiw has taught me a very important life lesson through her example: total commitment. She is totally committed to her playing, her teaching, her relationships (family, friends, colleagues, students all alike), each piece of music, every performance, every single note, every musical utterance, every verbal utterance, every action. She plays like she means it with the utmost sincerity. Everything is issued forth from the deepest recesses of her soul. Nothing is half-hearted. She gives of herself so fully. Whether she knows it or not, this is the gift I received from her through being her student: the gift of great music as well as the gift of humanity.”

“Lydia does more for her students than most teachers would dream of doing for their students. She truly invests everything in us by not only giving inspiring lessons but also playing the orchestra parts to the piano concerti we are studying and performing. Knowing that I do not own a car, she graciously drove me to several competitions so that I would not have to worry about getting there on time, and she even took me shopping for a new concert gown. There is no doubt that all of Lydia’s students know she would do anything to help us succeed. Her incredible schedule of traveling, performing, and teaching continues to inspire all of us. We love Lydia!”

“Professor Artymiw has an incredible enthusiasm that is contagious and pushes her students to continually improve. She is highly respected and always encourages her students to be more daring and to develop their own individual ideas. She has opened up an entire new world of sound to me. Each lesson with Prof. Artymiw is engaging and fun because I am learning so much each time, and no two lessons are alike. I am very happy to have the good fortune to be studying with Professor Artymiw.”

“Lydia has been one of the most significant influences in my musical career so far, and after four semesters under her instruction, I feel that my playing has greatly improved. I now feel more open and aware of what I am doing, as well as consistent in my musical ideas. My overall sound has also become more defined and clear. Prof. Artymiw is one of the most passionate, sincere, and warm musicians I have ever met, and I will always immensely value my studies with her at the U of M.”

“As I think back on my three years of studying with Professor Lydia Artymiw, I realize how incredibly fortunate I have been to have the privilege of working with her and getting to know her. I cannot imagine any other teacher who does as much for their students as Lydia does. Her warm, caring, and empathetic personality, devotion to her students, and seemingly endless energy are truly inspiring. Through her own integrity as a person and her sterling character, she has taught me many life lessons which I shall always treasure. She has been a true role model and sets the highest standards for her students in both life and music. While Lydia’s own playing is remarkable for her very individual interpretive ideas, beautiful sound, broad range of colors, and expressive nuances, she is also a superb teacher. She hears every detail and is so articulate in her comments and suggestions. She pushes us to work harder, and the result is continual improvement within her entire studio. Coming to the University of Minnesota to study with Professor Artymiw was the best decision I made. Thank you, dear Lydia, for three amazing years!”